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Story about our beginning

‘After couple of seasons, I decided to change my old bike to “pro” machine, bought some fancy gears and found local cycling club. When I joined the team, I noticed that everybody is so unique. One wears high quality cycling clothes, others don’t. Unfortunately, British weather isn’t always too helpful either, so after couple of hours cycling we get wet and cold. It became obvious to me that people who spend a little bit more money and time for looking and buying cycling apparels, feel much more comfortable.

After many discussions with my cycling buddies, we all agreed that cyclists who are actively training in many countries has the common unsolved clothing issue. I started researching about companies who try to solve this weather related matter. It proved me, that quality and price doesn’t always go in line. Don’t get me wrong. Number of brands are great indeed, some of them have a high-quality apparel, some have good customer service, others hold sensibility in design and creativity. But there is this enormous potential and need for brands with higher empathy for today’s cyclist. That made me think that I need to create a product that is both functional, stylish and affordable.’

Our team do their best that your cycling jersey and bib shorts would be perfect and go with reasonable price. We are cutting ineffective cost for solutions that are not good enough. We put a lot of money and efforts for research to achieve the best possible outcome. During the last year our team visited various parts of the Europe that are known for quality products and manufacturers for cycling. Including Germany, where we were part of Eurobike exhibition gaining more knowledge about newest technologies and cycling news. In Italy, where we found established and solid textile manufacturers. Poland offered us reliable sewing factory that produce highest quality products. In the end of the season, we enjoyed Performance Days in Munich, where we took opportunity to discuss with people from our industry.

After all our efforts, we want you to know, that Marcoo is your brand. Everything we do is for your better cycling experience while using our cycling products. We would like you to feel that you finally found your finest cycling apparel brand. And we don’t want you, after cycling in our clothes, go away and switch to something else. That’s why we care about your opinion and are happy to listen what we do well, and what shall we improve. We have strong values and goals that fuel our whole team:

  • High quality
  • Long term vision to work with customers
  • The highest level of customer service
  • Engaging blog with news and useful articles
  • Vast amount of research and development
  • Environmental responsibility

Now, we are finally passing to you our start Classic Collection. Straight from Marcoo factory to your home. We hope you will enjoy our products and come back for more. We can’t wait to introduce you to our next cycling collection which will be much bigger and better.